Map of Kandis Resource Centre

Located in Kg. Kandis is approximately 13km from Bachok Town through local road D11 to Tok Bali. Kandis’s Mini Post is a sign of KRC intersection enter the area as far as 1km through Kandis’s village and burial ground.

Founded by Allahyarham Nik Nik Hussein Rashiddin and formally established in year 2000. KRC kept lots of treasures of Malay art carving art-oriented by Langkasuka such as gravestones grave-rest, pulpit, wall decor, architecture, mosques and palaces of the influence of the east coast of Malaysia and Pattani, Thailand which is unique with its own motives. Uniqueness of KRC are added by a natural Terengganu;;s house age more than 100 years which has being made as exhibition gallery.