Not many have heard of the colorful and mystic history of Irama Beach, passed down from generation to generation, regaling the story of an idyllic beachfront located just  35 kilometer outside the state capital of Kota Bharu.Mostly, its known for the darker side of the nation’s history. The beach is one of the main landing points for Japanese soldiers during World War 2, and remnants of English fortifications can still be seen to this day.

One story goes that there was once a rock on this two kilometer stretch of white sandy beach, that resembled a bird flying in from the sea. The spot where the rock stood is said to be what is known today as Kampung Tok Burong.

Old folks believe the story of a golden ship which surfaces on the water, accompanied by a white crocodile.

The croc is said to have taken a young girl as its adopted child. The corc showered the girl with gold for it loved the child so.

The place where theis story originated is now known as Kampung Seri Kemudi.