YDP Majlis Daerah Bachok

Assalammualaikum W.B.T dan salam sejahtera.

Praise be to Allah SWT and I thank the Almighty God for His grace has allowed me to express my remarks at the Bachok District Council website.

As we are all aware, the Local Authority (LA ) is established to provide basic services to residents in the LA area . Originally these basic services include waste collection , sanitary and building and maintaining drains. After time passed and modernization growing expectation on local authorities to provide services not only basic but covers the more challenging as the construction of the buildings, public parks, infrastructure such as roads and large drains, licensing, property management and so on

The people's hope of LA was great. So it is our duty as citizens of local authorities to respond to this challenge and perform the task as possible. Hopefully, people's expectations are met and we can make Bachok District Council meet every aspect of the Islamic Tourism City.

Thank you.

Islam Dijunjung, Raja Disanjung, Rakyat Dipayung
Membangun Bersama Islam

Tuan Haji Norazman Bin Abd. Ghani
Yang Dipertua,
Bachok District Council, Kelantan